Future in our hands - a member organization of PWYP Norway

Future in Our Hands works both through its many active local communities of environmental protection in everyday life, while the organization sets the agenda through political work. Here is the Future in our hands talking about the Oil Fund's investments in coal and tar sands for the Parliament's finance committee. Photo: Sigurd Jorde.

1. What does Future in our hands work with?

Future in our hands works for justice distribution of the earth’s resources. We believe that consideration of the nature and climate is more important than growth in consumption and economy. We want governments and industries to facilitate people make green and ethical choices.

2. Why did Future in our hands choose to become a member organization of PWYP Norway?

Future in our hands helped to start up PWYP Norway in 2006 because we through our own work with Norwegian industry in South saw a great need for more transparency about what Norwegian companies do abroad. Norwegian companies like to portray themselves as better and cleaner than other international companies. Only when their contracts with controversial partners are open, we can know whether this is true.

3. What is the added value of PWYP Norway for the Norwegian civil society?

Contracts, agreements and openness are work areas that are difficult and require painstaking work and solid skills. We need PWYP Norway whom is dedicated to this important but difficult work. Through years of meticulous work PWYP Norway has gained an expertise that make the organization able to set the agenda and make a change for the better.

Future in our hands has for many years followed the Norwegian companies and investments in the South. Here Ibu Dewa shows up a quarry of an Indonesian coal producer where the Oil Fund had invested. During 2013 the Oil Fund sold itself out from the company because of environmental problems with coal industry. Photo: Sigurd Jorde