KFUK-KFUM Global - a member organization of PWYP Norway

What does KFUK-KFUM Global work with?

KFUK-KFUM Global is an independent development aid and solidarity organization that is owned by Norwegian KFUK-KFUM and Norwegian KFUK-KFUM Scouts. Our aim is to provide people with new possibilities and to build strong and democratic local communities. Our projects are run through our international partners, and the initiative is coming from the grass root level.

Why did KFUK-KFUM Global choose to become a member organization of PWYP Norway?

We are dedicated to work towards the eradication of extreme poverty, seeing that God has created enough resources for everyone to live their lives in dignity. Poverty exists because the wolrd’s resources are tremendously uneven and unfair distributed. We want to teach the youth about human rights, the barrier to obtain these rights and what can be done to fight for human rights. An emphasis on accountable, open and democratic management of natural resources is therefore very important.

What is the added value of PWYP Norway for the Norwegian civil society?

PWYP is an important expert network that provides KFUK-KFUM Global and our partners with access to knowledge and vital tools in the fight against poverty. We are convinced that an open and democratic management of natural resources will lead to the eradication of extreme poverty.