New stakeholder group of EITI appointed by the Norwegian Ministry

Tuesday June 20, members of the new stakeholder group of EITI, were appointed by the Norwegian government. Among the members are Secretary General of Publish What You Pay Norway, Mona Thowsen. The new group will sit for two years.

Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) is a transparency standard that requires companies to publish how much they pay to governments, and the authorities to publish the amount they receive. This information shall be compiled in a EITI Report. Norway has actively supported this initiative politically and economically since 2003. The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy is responsible for the EITI implementation in Norway. Since 2007, the EITI Secretariat has been housed in Oslo. Norway was admitted as a member in 2011, as the first OECD country. Norway made its first EITI report in 2008. See what Norway have achieved in EITI here.  

Transparency Standard

The objective of EITI is that a larger portion of revenues from natural resources will contribute to economic development and better living conditions for the population. EITI has developed a set of principles for transparency and good governance that also requires active participation from civil society. A number of countries, companies and organizations have endorsed these principles. Furthermore, the countries that choose to become a member of EITI have to contribute a set of criteria that must be met. An important part of the work of EITI in Norway, is carried out by the stakeholder group, where the government, civil society and industry are represented.

At the Cabinet meeting following members were chosen to the stakeholder group of EITI from June 20th and two following years: 

Lawyer Oluf Bjørndal, Norwegian oil and gas, Stavanger. Deputy: Head of profession Frode Bøhm, Norwegian oil and gas, Stavanger.

Principal Consultant Sustainability Hilde Røed, Statoil, Bærum
. Deputy: Vice President Legal, Carine Smith Ihenacho, Statoil, London

Legal Officer Svein Bjørnestad, Exxon Mobil, Stavanger. Deputy: Attorney Hans Petter Nordby, Chevron, Oslo

Director General, Lars Erik Aamot, Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Oslo. Deputy: Assistant Director, Gro Anundskaas, Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Nittedal

Study leader Marius Pilgaard, Ministry of Finance, Oslo. Deputy: Technical director, Beate Bentzen, Ministry of Finance, Oslo

Secretary General, Guro Slettemark, Transparency International Norway, Oslo. Deputy: Special Advisor Gro Skåra Fyrsto, Transparency International, Oslo

Secretary General, Mona Thowsen, PWYP Norge, Oslo. 
Deputy: Senior Advisor, Stefan Norris, WWF Norge, Nesodden

International Secretary Amalie Tofte, Industry Energy, Oslo. Deputy: Accountant, Fanny Voldnes, Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees, Oslo

Director of International Affairs, Fredrik Glad-Gjernes, KFUK-KFUM Global, Oslo. Deputy: Advisor, Sven Larsen, KFUK-KFUM Global, Oslo

27 member countries

27 countries have implemented EITI so far, while 17 countries have status as an EITI candidate. A total of 35 countries have produced EITI reports.

Earlier this year PWYP Norway sent a position paper to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy on behalf of PWYP Norway, Transparency International, Industry Energy and Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees. The civil society in Norway request contract transparency, a digital and searchable register of shareholders and expanded country-by-country reporting.

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