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Foto_Jean-Pierre_Pouteau_OECD_CC_BY-NC-ND_20 The OECD has invited interested parties to send comments on a discussion draft, which includes the preliminary results of the work carried out in three different areas on tax-policy. Publish What You Pay Norway has used the opportunity to send in comments. 
Illustration: Derek Bacon PWYP Norway is arranging an open half day seminar November 21st at The House of Litterature in Oslo. SAVE THE DATE!
Snorre Valen, a member of the Finance Committee for SV wants expanded country-by-country reporting. Photo: OSCE Parliamentary Assembly The Norwegian Parliament voted on the revised national budget June 20th 2014. The Socialist Left Party put forward a proposal to extend the regulations on country-by-country reporting in line with PWYP Norway's proposal.