How is Publish What You Pay funded?

The PWYP coalition members have since our start demonstrated a willingness to collectively secure the PWYP Norway campaign by voluntary member contributions to run the secretariat. However, Norad is our major financing partner contributing with 2,9 million in 2011, over the grant to the TRACE programme.

Financing partners

Annual member contributions

The annual meeting has decided to have a configuration based on a differentiated contribution depending upon the financial turn over in the organisations. Larger organisations´ contributions range from NOK 75 000 and up, medium size organisations contribute with NOK 15 000, and smaller organisations NOK 5000.

Other financing sources

It has proved challenging to mobilise alternative funding sources for the type of work we do; campaigning for transparency and accountability in the extractive industry through international and national political advocacy work, lobbying, mobilising and capacity building on the issues at stake, to fight corruption and capital flight.

If your organisation would be interested in contributing financially to the work of Publish What You Pay Norway, please contact the secretariat.

We do not take financing from companies in the extractive industry.