How is Publish What You Pay governed?

The Norwegian Publish What You Pay chapter, like all other PWYP national chapters in the global campaign, has an autonomous and independent platform, but adhere to PWYP’s principles and mission statement(link is external)

The highest decision making body is the annual meeting, where all the member organisations have a vote. 

The annual meeting elects the board. Current board members include: 

  • Frian Aarsnes (chairman)
  • Espen Løken (board member)
  • Beate Ekeløve-Slydal (board member)
  • Fanny Voldnes (board member)

The secretariat, headed by the secretary general, is responsible for the daily operations of the campaign. The secretary general is elected by the annual meeting. 

How does Publish What You Pay Norway work with the international network?

  • Publish What You Pay Norway operates in close coordination with the rest of the global PWYPcoalition(link is external).
  • As a civil society platform we welcome a continous dialogue, exchange of necessary and relevant experience and information, and collaboration with all partners.
  • The international network presents an opportunity to either work closely together with some nodes in the network or ad hod depending on needs, and to collect necessary and relevant information. The network can be mobilised during international campaigns.
  • Publish What You Pay Norway informs the international network on priorities and activities in order to secure PWYP’s bottom up approach where national priorities inform international priorities.

How is Publish What You Pay as an international network governed?

  • All national coalitions have autonomous and independent platforms. However, all organisations are members of the same international network.
  • All national coalitions have unique structures, organisations, leadership, activities, and financing sources.
  • National priorities inform international activities in order to secure a bottom up approach.
  • On the international level, the bi-annual International Strategy Meeting is the highest decision making body for international strategies and campaign work.
  • On the national levels, the highest decision making body is the Annual Meeting where all the member organisations have a vote. In most national coalitions, the Annual Meeting appoints the Reference Group/Steering Group of organisations whose mandate is to provide support for the national coordinator in the strategic work and help fundraise for the PWYP secretariat and activities.
  • Publish What You Pay has an international secretariat in London to support coordination on international campaign work and activities.