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Ghana Integrity Initiative

Type of organisation: 
Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII), the local chapter of Transparency International (TI), was launched in December 1999. GII is a non-partisan, non-profit civil empowerment organization focused on the delivery of the essential themes necessary for the creation of a National Integrity System.
Organisation contact details: 

H/No. 21 Abelenkpe Road,
Private Mail Bag, CT 317, Cantonments, Accra

+233 21 782364
+233 21 760884

+233 21 782365


Name of representative: 
Gilbert A. Sam

+233 244208209


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Status in TRACE:

  • Nigeria participated in TRACE 2008-2009. The organisations that took part are listed below.

Reflections from Nigerian civil society

“Networking and coalition building has been our strength; it has emboldened our interest and role in demanding for transparency in the oil and gas industry.”

“The Nigerian citizens are beginning to understand the need for auditing oil revenues and transparency in operation of the government and oil companies.”

“One challenge has been that of accessing information from relevant stakeholders in the oil sector. Civil society is seen as a category that unduly interferes in their operations.”

“There is a lot of enthusiasm on the side of civil society in Nigeria on the EITI process in the country, but the challenge is that a lot of their work is not knowledge based and because of this, civil society does not get respect from the government.”

“The government is beginning to open its doors to civil society unlike in the past. There is a need for more structured accountability mechanisms.”

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South Sudan


Status in TRACE:

  • Sudan participated in TRACE 2008-2009, before the country was divided into Sudan and South-Sudan. The organisation that took part is based in Juba, South Sudan, and is listed below.

Reflections from South Sudanese civil society

“Sudan is by all definitions still in a state of recovery. There is still a lot to learn and external assistance in building structures and systems in almost all aspects of life is very essential.”

“Southern Sudan is awash with NGOs, CBOs ans CSOs, but nothing is there to work on these fundemental issues (of accountability and transparency). It is all secretive and dominated by a few.”

TRACE rounds: 

TRACE 2008-2009


In 2008-2009, TRACE was offered in Africa for English speaking participants with 27 civil society representatives from seven countries taking part and forming a vibrant regional network across both countries and different civil society actors (NGOs, workers’ unions and the media).

Countries represented: Ghana, Mauritania, Mozambique, Nigeria, Sudan, Uganda, Zambia

TRACE rounds: 


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