Status in TRACE:

Reflections from Ghanaian civil society

“There is a general acceptability on the part of government and companies, of the monitoring role of civil society in generation and use of extracive sector revenues.”

“The efforts of civil society in performing the above role are constrained by inadequate technical capacity and access to information.”

“Lack of the freedom of information law makes civil society organisations depend on goodwill of officials and mining companies for information.”

“There is very little engagement between civil society and government over the implementation of the Oil for Development-programme.”

“Prior to the inception of EITI it was inconceivable that civil society, companies, and government would sit together and dialogue over governance issues in the extractive sector. The relationship then was characterized by acrimony, mutual suspicion, and mistrust.”

Participating organizations from Ghana

  • Ghana Integrity Initiative , Gilbert A. Sam , more
  • Ghana Trade Union Congress (Ghana TUC) , Kwaku Darko Aferi (Head, Public Affairs Department) , more
  • Integrated Social Development Centre (ISODEC) , Stephen Manteaw (Campaign coordinator) , more