Status in TRACE:

  • Mozambique was represented in TRACE 2008-2009. The organisation that took part is listed below.

Natural resources in Mozambique:

  • Natural gas (Source: CIA World Factbook), titanium, tantalum, marble, gold, coal, bauxite, granite, limestone and gemstones. There are also known deposits of pegmatite, platinoids, uranium, bentonite, iron, cobalt, chromium, nickel, copper, fluorite, diatomite, emeralds, tourmaline and apatite (Source: EITI)

Country information from other sources:

Participating organizations from Mozambique

  • Centre for Public Integrity , Thomas Selemane (Coordinator, PWYP Mozambique) , more
  • KUWUKA JDA Juventude Desenvolvimento e Advocacia Ambiental , Mr. Camilo Nhancale , more