Status in TRACE:

Reflections from Nigerian civil society

“Networking and coalition building has been our strength; it has emboldened our interest and role in demanding for transparency in the oil and gas industry.”

“The Nigerian citizens are beginning to understand the need for auditing oil revenues and transparency in operation of the government and oil companies.”

“One challenge has been that of accessing information from relevant stakeholders in the oil sector. Civil society is seen as a category that unduly interferes in their operations.”

“There is a lot of enthusiasm on the side of civil society in Nigeria on the EITI process in the country, but the challenge is that a lot of their work is not knowledge based and because of this, civil society does not get respect from the government.”

“The government is beginning to open its doors to civil society unlike in the past. There is a need for more structured accountability mechanisms.”

Participating organizations from Nigeria

  • Equity Advocates , Ene Ede (Executive Director/Editor-in-Chief) , more
  • Green Concern for Development (Greecode) , Edem Okon Edem (Programme Coordinator) , more
  • Justice Development and Peace/Caritas, Catholic Diocese of Uyo , Kingsley Udo , more
  • Nigeria Labour Congress , Olusegun Rotimi (Financial Controller) , more
  • Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) , Dung Pam Sha (Sabbatical fellow of NLC/Accociate Professor, University of JOS, Nigeria) , more
  • Right to Know (R2K Nigeria) , Ene Enonche , more
  • Women's Right to Education Programme (WREP) , Mimidoo Achakpa (Executive Director) , more