Status in TRACE:

  • Nicaragua was represented in TRACE 2010-2011, and the organisations that took part will be listed below shortly.

Natural resources in Nicaragua:

  • Gold, silver, copper, tungsten, lead, zinc (source: CIA factbook). Nicaragua has explored for oil and gas, but does not have oil or gas production.

Country information from other sources:

Reflections from Nicaraguan civil society

“We have to present our demands with concrete actions to ensure our rights are enforced, and to ensure transparency and accountability in the use of the people’s natural resources. This is a right we must ensure is attained.”

“It is necessary to become proactive critics.”

Participating organizations from Nicaragua

  • Centro Alexander Von Humboldt , Iris Soledad Valle Miranda (ofical de incidencia en la tematica de megaproyectos con enfasis en hidrocarburos y energía) , more
  • Centro de derechos humanos, ciudadanos y autonomicos , Joel Narvaez Campbell (asesor legal) , more
  • Etica y transparencia , Abril Perez Zepeda (Coordinadora de Estrategias Especiales de Observacion Electoral) , more