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The participants and their organisations represent an important pool of knowledge and competence that we encourage journalists, trainers, researchers, students or others working with the extractive industries to draw upon.

  • Union of Journalist of South Sudan (UOJSS) , Mr. Richard Ruati , more
  • Union of Journalists of South Sudan (UJOSS) , James Okanya (Consultant/advisor) , more
  • United Workers´ Union of Liberia , Mr. David Sackoh , more
  • Unity Oil Task Force , Luk Riek , more
  • Upper Nile Oil Task Force , Mr. Charles Onak Judo , more
  • VOSIEDA Liberia , Ms. Wellekema Jukoryan , more
  • Women's Right to Education Programme (WREP) , Mimidoo Achakpa (Executive Director) , more
  • Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) , Stephen Mumbi (Director of Organisation and Trade Union Development; HIV/AIDS Coordinator) , more
  • Zambia Daily Mail Newspapers Ltd , Martin Kapende (Business Editor) , more
  • Лучшая работа , more