Commitment to Development Index 2010

image Which rich countries do the most to help the world’s poor? The Commitment to Development Index reminds the world that reducing poverty is about a lot more than donating money, and examines seven policy areas.

Each year, the Center for Global Development rates rich-country governments on how much they are helping poor countries via seven key linkages: aid (both quantity as a share of income and quality), trade, investment, migration, environment, security, and technology.

Within each component, a country receives points for policies and actions that support poor nations in their efforts to build prosperity, good government, and security. The seven components are averaged for a final score. The scoring adjusts for size in order to discern how much countries are living up to their potential to help, and meaning that small countries are able to rank higher than larger ones. The CDI then takes the average for an overall score.

Scores are on a standard scale and 5 = average.

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