The position paper for the priorities for EITI in 2015 is ready

I dag har PWYP Norge sendt inn posisjonsnotatet for 2015 til EITI og olje- og energidepartementet.

PWYP Norway has sent a position paper to EITI and the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy with a priority list to EITI.

EITI is a transparency standard that requires extracting industries to publish what they pay to the government, and that the government publishes have much they have received. This information will be consolidated in an EITI report. Norway participates in this transparency standard, which is based on a tripartite cooperation between governments, businesses and civil society.

PWYP Norway is a part of the stakeholder group to EITI in Norway. The representatives from civil society organisations for 2014-2016 are Industry Energy, Transparency International Norway, WWF Norway, KFUK-KFUM Global and Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Empolyees, in addition to PWYP Norway. The position paper that was sent today is a agreed paper from all the organisations that are members of PWYP Norway.

Six main categories

The position paper of 2015 is taking the work from the paper in 2014 further. The position paper in 2014 was a “wish list” from all the organisations. The list was sorted under six main categories.  It was necessary to do some priorities on this list.

The position paper for 2015 is the agreed priorities from all the member organisations of PWYP Norway. It is necessary to prioritize because of few resources, both human and economic. It does not mean an exclusion of theme. The new EITI standards in the international strategy are supported in the position paper. It is also made relevant for the actual Norwegian context, because an EITI process is a national process for transparency.

The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy will invite to a meeting where the position paper will be discussed. The meeting will probably take place in the beginning of June.