Report from Module 1 in Stavanger, Norway

The first Module in TRACE 2010-2011 was held in Stavanger, Norway 21st November – 2nd December 2010. The module was arranged in cooperation with PETRAD.

The first module sought to give the participants a broad, technical overview of the value chain of petroleum extraction, petroleum revenue management and tools for political advocacy. The content was chosen by PWYP Norway in cooperation with PETRAD, and based on experiences in the campaign combined with PETRAD´s experiences.

In addition, the participants have defined four thematic priorities for this round, which will be further explored in Module 2 and in group work in between the modules:

  1. Contract transparency in the extractive industry
  2. Environmental issues in the extractive industry
  3. Indigenous peoples´rights and the extractive industry
  4. Illicit financial flows and secrecy jurisdictions in the extractive industry

The report from the module was written by Cecilia G. Salinas.

Download the report here