-Transparency important for building a sustainable future

image *-Global transparency in the world economy is necessary are we to build sustainable societies, says Finland's Minister of International Development and Green politician Heidi Anneli Hautala.* Together with her European colleagues Eva Joly, former presidential candidate for the Green Party in France, and Rasmus Hansson, parliamentary candidate for the Green Party in Norway, she discussed the global green political movement in the Norwegian Students' Society in Oslo on Sunday. _-The green movement is growing rapidly worldwide. It is high time for politics that puts the interest of humans in the center, not the interests of multinational companies_, said anti-corruption activist Eva Joly. _-Accountability, transparency and access to information are some of the most important measures to avoid corruption and to build sustainable societies_, Hautala said. She pointed to the European Commission's important work to prevent illegal capital flows from poor countries, and to the work of the Publish What You Pay-network for global transparency measures against financial secrecy.