The last leg - will the regulator save the industry from chaos?

  • Equinor’s reporting of contextual information is in some places best practice and in other places a complete mess! Read the briefing for more information.
  • Equinor would be well served by expanding the table on page 282 in the Annual Report to include the information in the format PWYP Norway has suggested. There is ample space in the table, and they have the information anyway, so why not just do it?
  • Major improvements to the reporting of production, investments and cost are needed. Employees only need specification of what they are (and moving them into the ECBC table), while revenues need minor adjustments.
  • The link between the tax expense and the taxes paid is still missing, and the lack of clarity in the taxes that Equinor is reporting shows that this is sorely needed.
Written by
Frian Årsnes
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