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PWYP Norway can reveal that ten of the world’s most powerful oil, gas and mining companies own 6,038 subsidiaries and over a third of them are based in secrecy jurisdictions. The three Norwegian companies mapped own 55 subsidiaries, 20% of which are based in secrecy jurisdictions. On these pages you will find more information about this project, the detrimental effects of secrecy jurisdictions and how these can be tackled. The database is publicly available and can be explored here. Due to lack of resources, it will not be continually updated, but nevertheless represents an excellent snapshot of extractive industries and their subsidiaries in 2011. The Piping Profits database includes information on the *13 case studies and their 6,093 subsidiaries*, containing details of: * The Parent Company * The Subsidiary Name * The location in which the subsidiary is incorporated * The percentage of the subsidiary owned by the parent company Below it is possible to search in the database by company, country and/or subsidiary, and using the buttons below the list of findings, it is possible to export the data to excel or word.

Company Countrysort descending Subsidiary Percent owned
BP Albania Air BP Albania SHA 100.00
Shell (Downstream) Algeria Shell Marketing Algerie SPA 99.99
Interoil Angola Interoil Africa I 100.00
Shell (Upstream International) Antigua and Barbuda Shell Oil & Gas (Malaysia) LLC 90.00
Anglo American Argentina Minera Anglo American Argentina S.A. 100.00
BHP Argentina BHP Petroleum (Argentina) S A 100.00
Shell (Downstream) Argentina Energina Compania Argentina de Petroleo S A
Glencore International AG Argentina AR Zinc Group 100.00
Shell (Downstream) Argentina Estacion Lima S A 100.00
Barrick Gold Corporation Argentina Barrick Exploraciones Argentina S.A.
Exxon Argentina Esso Petrolera Argentina Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada 100.00
Rio Tinto plc Argentina TPI Plastimec S A 51.00
Barrick Gold Corporation Argentina Minera Argentina Gold S.A.
Barrick Gold Corporation Argentina Veladero Mine
Chevron Argentina Chevron Argentina S.R.L. 100.00
BP Argentina Pan American Sur S A 60.00
Shell (Upstream Americas) Argentina O&G Developments Ltd SA 100.00
BP Argentina Latin Energy Argentina S A 100.00
Shell (Downstream) Argentina Shell Compania Argentina de Petroleo S A 100.00
BP Argentina Gas Link S A
Rio Tinto plc Argentina Borax Argentina SA 100.00
Glencore International AG Argentina Moreno Group 100.00
Shell (Downstream) Argentina Deheza S A I C Fel 100.00
BP Argentina Terminales Mantimas Patagonicas S A
BP Argentina Terminales Mantimas 19.03
Shell (Downstream) Argentina Compania Rimidan S A 100.00
BP Argentina Pan American Fueguina S A 60.00
Shell (Downstream) Argentina Shell Gas S A 100.00
Rio Tinto plc Australia Rio Tinto Aluminium (Bell Bay) Limited 100.00
Rio Tinto plc Australia Ashton Finance Pty Limited 100.00


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