Silence is Golden



  • Lawyers have a duty of confidentiality. The confidentiality springs from “the best interest of society” and lawyers shall safeguard rule of law in the society. However, confidentiality also has a different and unintended effect that it is necessary to shed light on.
  • Companies can claim client confidentiality to protect themselves against government insight into activities and transactions, transaction routes and company structures. The lawyers can also claim client confidentiality to prevent insight into to what they have participated in.
  • These days, important questions regarding the extent of lawyers’ privilege of confidentiality in the tax area are being asked. PWYP Norway presents a small selection of short articles that highlight various aspects of this issue.

VIDEO: See the presentation of the report.

Read PWYP Norway's consultative letter on lawyers confidentiality (in Norwegian). 

Read the short 4-page briefing of the report.

Written by
Morten Eriksen, Daniel Reeves, Guttorm Schjelderup, Tim Daniel, Antonio Suarez-Martinez, Henry Stewart and J. Christopher Jensen
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