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Foto: Steve Webel (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)/Flickr.jpg Disguised corporations, fake foundations, trade misinvoicing, holes in financial regulation, secrecy jurisdictions - what effect does the shadow financial system have on democracy?
Invitation goes out to: regulators, legislators, standard/guidance setters, auditors/professional bodies, preparers, industry representatives, investors, media organisations, unions, journalists, NGOs and other interested users of financial information.
Date: 6. november, kl. 18:00-19:30
Host: Fellesrådet for Afrika og Publish What You Pay Norge
Location: Habitat Trondheim, Olav Tryggvasons gate 30
It is very positive that Statoil reports country-by-country information together with its annual accounts, and the legislator should ensure that this become standard.Statoil still does not report eliminations separately, but here it is the legislator that needs to change the regulation to get a meaningful reporting.It is still not possible, due to lack of information, to use the formula 1.1. Tax + Payable Tax – 31.12.