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Deloitte´s building in Oslo, Norway. Photo: Benson Kua (CC BY-SA 2.0/Flickr) The Ministry of Finance has outsourced the evaluation of national transparency requirements to one of the "Big Four" accounting firms - Deloitte. PWYP Norway shares its consultative input with notes.
Thick walls at the Ministry of Finance. Photo: Helge Høifødt  Distinct improvements, but the same improvements are obliterated  - in the same consultation paper. 
Foto_Jean-Pierre_Pouteau_OECD_CC_BY-NC-ND_20 The OECD has invited interested parties to send comments on a discussion draft, which includes the preliminary results of the work carried out in three different areas on tax-policy. Publish What You Pay Norway has used the opportunity to send in comments. 
The Norwegian Ministry of Finance has ended its hearing on the strategy for responsible investment for the The Government Pension Fund Global of Norway. 
PWYP Norway has sent a letter to the Norwegian Ministry of Finance, and asked for clarification regarding the new regulation on country-by-country reporting.
NOTE: This is an old version of the report. In November 2013 we published a re-written and updated version, please find Version 2 via this page.
PWYP Norway has held meetings with representatives from the Norwegian Auditors Association to discuss PWYPs proposals in relation to the IASB discussion paper on a possible new IFRS6. Read PWYP Norway’s letter to the Norwegian Audtors Association: