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Ivan Velasquez, leder i CICIG. Foto: CICIG  How to lead the campaign against corruption when authorities are part of the problem?  
Foto: Craig McKune  The South African journalist Craig McKune will share his experience of investigating illegal financial transactions.​
Foto: Kristine Aghalaryan  Endangered animals are abducted from zoos in Armenia. Few know where they go.
EITI is a three party cooperation between authorities, companies, and civil society. Everybody needs to come to an agreement now on what the continued process will be for EITI in Norway. Illustration: PWYP Norway  PWYP Norway invites to an open meeting about EITI in Norway on the 2nd of June. The meeting is organised in relation to the EITI Board Meeting that takes place in Oslo. A key question for PWYP Norway is: What should be the way forward for EITI in Norway?
The Sarayaku people in Ecuador have experienced major damage after it was started oil exploration on their territory. Major protests have occurred in Ecuador lately. Photo: Fundación Pachamama Publish What You Pay Norway and Oslo and Akershus University College are inviting you to a lunch seminar Wednesday October 7.
Illustrasjon: David Parkins How do multinational companies avoid tax? You can learn more about the industry of tax avoidance at Kvarteret in Bergen Wednesday 11th of February. PWYP Norway is hosting the seminar together with SAIH Bergen.  
On the occasion of The International Anti-Corruption Day we are hosting a breakfast seminar at Litteraturhuset in Oslo on the 9th of December together with UNDP Norway.
Illustration: Derek Bacon PWYP Norway is arranging an open half day seminar November 21st at The House of Litterature in Oslo. SAVE THE DATE!