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The “tax haven – section” contains the requirements for an extended country-by-country reporting, but is put in a Sleeping Beauty slumber. Photo: Christian_A_Calmeyer_(CC_BY-NC-ND_2.0_Flickr). Would the Government like to know about mailbox companies and capital in tax havens? If so, they already have the key themselves.
Prime Minister Erna Solberg. Foto: Heiko Junge/NTB scanpix/SMK (CC BY-NC 2.0/Flicker). Have we not learned anything from Panama and Paradise Papers? The government proposes to remove the economic support  that gives the opportunity for NGOs to work for transparency in capital flows.
Statoil's tax director Finn Lexov stated that the company chose the Netherlands because of the favorable tax laws. The oil industry is calling it “stable and predictable", writes the Mona Thowsen. Photo: Kjell Eson, v/ Flickr: CC BY - NC - ND 2.0 Statoil and others should be forced to report on their mailbox empires. Or does the State prefer to get this sort of information through the news?
The consequence is that companies are not required to give information from tax havens, because payments to such places will be less than NOK 800,000, writes Mona Thowsen in the opinion piece. Photo: Kathie M Ceballos CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Flickr The Ministry of Finance has not followed up on Parliament´s request, so Norwegian companies do not have to submit information from tax havens.​
Minister of Finance, Siv Jensen, claims that we already have enough measures against tax evasion. That is incorrect, writes Mona Thowsen in an opinion piece in the newspaper, Klassekampen. Photo: Christine Amdam The Minister of Finance wriggles away from the facts in the debate over measures against tax evasion in tax havens
On of the most important incomes for the Sarayaku people is fishing. Photo: Fundación Pachamama The oil company CGC from Argentina and the army in Ecuador, have performed seismic surveys to find oil at the land of the Sarayaku people since 2002. They are looking for oil without asking the people that owns the land. PWYP Norway´s TRACE-participant Juan G. Auz has written a blog post about the situation for the Sarayaku people in Ecuador.   
The Norwegian Government's Pension Fund is the largest state investment fund in the world. The owner of the fund, the Ministry of Finance should impose transparency requirements as a part of the fund's investment strategy, in order to deal with conflict-rich investments.
A two-year consultation process to prepare legislation intended to prevent tax evasion has ended in the Ministry of Finance proposing legislation to the effect that Norway shall protect the tax havens of the world. Written by Mona Thowsen, sectretary general of PWYP Norway. This opinion piece was published in the Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv of October 2013
OPINION: Strong powers may prevent the new Transparency Act on extended country-by-country reporting from being premised on real accounting figures. This may result in reporting being diluted, less credible and more expensive to implement than necessary.