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Statoils head office in Oslo. Photo: Eline Helledal The law of country-by-country reporting was implemented in Norway January 1st 2014. For the first time the companies reports for the account year of 2014. Statoil is the first company. This is an important result of ten years of work for transparency, and it is not yet over.
Illustrasjon: David Parkins How do multinational companies avoid tax? You can learn more about the industry of tax avoidance at Kvarteret in Bergen Wednesday 11th of February. PWYP Norway is hosting the seminar together with SAIH Bergen.  
TRACE-participant Paula Vidal from Colombia asks question to Tonje Gormley during the TRACE-program in Oslo. Photo: Eline Helledal TRACE-participant Paula Andrea Vidal has interviewed Tulio Vargas from Internacional de Servicos Publicos about the challenges around tax-systems in the extractive industry sector in Colombia. He is also a TRACE-participant and tells how he wants to use the knowledge from the program in his home country.