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TRACE-participant Paula Vidal from Colombia asks question to Tonje Gormley during the TRACE-program in Oslo. Photo: Eline Helledal TRACE-participant Paula Andrea Vidal has interviewed Tulio Vargas from Internacional de Servicos Publicos about the challenges around tax-systems in the extractive industry sector in Colombia. He is also a TRACE-participant and tells how he wants to use the knowledge from the program in his home country. 
We represent five African countries that are all affected by tax flight. Norwegian companies should become role models for financial transparency, because tax dodging costs lives.
As a step in completing Publish What You Pay Norway´s TRACE programme , this year´s participants have worked together to produce short briefings on four topics that were selected as priorities, and that they have studied in-depth during the programme. The topics are:
Summary: As a step in completing the TRACE programme, the 2010-2011-participants have worked together to produce short briefings on four selected topics: “contract transparency”, “environmental issues related to EI”, “indigenous peoples´ rights and EI”, and “illicit financial flows and secrecy jurisdictions”.