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Summary: This brief legal report, commissioned by PWYP Norway and written by the Norwegian law firm, Arntzen de Besche, suggests how Norway can implement a country-by-country reporting regulation in Norwegian law, that easily can open up for further and necessary regulation. The report summarizes the ongoing processes in the US and EU, and provides a legal consideration of a suggestion for how a Norwegian law text for the extractives sector can be based upon this.
At the G20 meeting this weekend, British authorities announced that they will work to establish EU rules for the oil, gas and mining sector. Sign an online petition asking Minister of Finance, George Osborne, to follow up with a public statement in support of Publish What You Pay regulations. The petition, initiated by the organization ONE, notices the problems that the lack of transparency creates in Africa. We encourage everyone to sign the petition and distribute it in your networks.  
According to The Observer today, George Osborne states that the coalition government supports Publish What You Pay regulations in Europe. In today’s editorial, the Observer supports the same regulatory demands. Geroge Osborne states:‘I strongly believe it’s in everyone’s interest that mining companies and others operate to the highest standards. That’s the way to ensure some of the world’s poorest benefit from the wealth that lies in the ground beneath them.’ This was addressed at a meeting between the finance ministers at the G20 yesterday.
See the videos from the launch of author and journalist Nicholas Shaxson´s book Treasure Islands. and the following debate at the House of Literature in Oslo 4th February 2011 Launch and interview with Nicholas Shaxson:     Following the launch, Kjetil Wiedswang, commentator in Dagens Næringsliv, leads the debate with the following panelists:
Welcome to book launch with author and journalist Nicholas Shaxson og debate about tax havens at Litteraturhuset in Oslo, on Friday 4th February. Where: Litteraturhuset (Wergeland), Wergelandsvn. 29, Oslo
When: Friday 4th February, 10am-12pm (coffee and tea from 9.30am) Free entry. Book will be sold for NOK 100,-     Confirmed panelists:
Which rich countries do the most to help the world’s poor? The Commitment to Development Index reminds the world that reducing poverty is about a lot more than donating money, and examines seven policy areas.
The participants for the TRACE programme in Latin-America have now been selected. 20 civil society organizations from Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua are going to take part in the programme. The first Module is to be held in Stavanger, Oslo from 21st November to 2nd December 2010.
Alberta’s oil reserves are the second largest in the world and international companies have found a foundation in Canadian sands. Despite high costs – especially environmental costs – dirty energy drives Alberta forward. By: Sindre Sverdrup Strand (article awarded PWYP Norway’s 2010 stipend for journalism students)  
Last night the U.S. Congress voted in favour of sweeping financial reforms which include a landmark provision requiring oil, gas and mining companies registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to publish how much they pay to foreign countries and the U.S. government.
On 30th June 2010, PWYP Norway responded to the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) project group’s publication of a Discussion Paper on a new International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) for the Extractive Industries.