Frian Aarsnes

State authorized public accountant with 24 years of experience from working with and working in extractive industries, Frian Aarsnes has experience from both the private and the public side of the industry. He is an expert in extractive industry taxation and fiscal design.

Mr. Aarsnes is principal consultant at Econ Pöyry. He is also chairman of Publish What You Pay Norway and has contributed extensively to recent reports:

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How the corporate market works. Anonymity in the global market.

tirsdag, 20.11
11.45 to 12.30

Key questions addressed:

  • How companies depend on the market, but channel funds outside the market
  • How new techniques have been added to old, and how these are accelerating the channelling of funds outside the market
  • How unilateral actions by individual states to a high degree can shut off a significant part of the channelling… and how the initiative is with the resource rich countries in the South

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torsdag, 22.11
09.00 to 10.00