What is expected from the recipients of the travel support?

Resources for the follow-up work:

Find all of the speakers’ presentations and videos listed here

They may also be accessed through the main conference page. Go to the page of each speaker to find their presentation and other materials.

If you need additional information for your follow-up, let us know.

Handing in the follow-up work

We will distribute a survey in March, where you must hand in the documentation of the follow-up work. This is the official, minimum requirement.

In addition, you may wish to share with us if you for instance write articles on the conference issues. Don’t hesitate to keep in touch!

The steps you have committed to completing


Why do we ask you to do the follow-up work?

We ask you to complete these steps in order for the conference issues to be shared so they can benefit a wider range of people interested in the matter, and used to advocate for change. We would also like to get an indication of the outcome of the conference, and to what extent the issue is being addressed among the organisations we choose to support.

Key questions are: How do civil society organisations in the south reflect around the issue of financial secrecy, and the connections between the global financial secrecy whose facilitators are often located in the north, and the lack of development that can be observed on a national level? Is it relevant? If so, how can this knowledge best be used in a national context? How can we work together on this issue from the civil society-side?

When it comes to reporting back on number of activities, we would like to stress that quality of meetings and articles that are reported back, is considered equally or more important than quantity.