Questions asked in Latin -America after Publish What You Pay Norway's' TRACE programme

Governments, company owners, investors and capital providers who would like to be ahead and in touch with what challenges will be coming next, may want to listen.

Three recent articles from Ecuador Fernando Villavicencio Valencia: El Universo, 13th December 2010: "Renegociación, la fiesta de las petroleras": Christian Zurita Ron: Diaro Expreso, 13th December 2010: "Crítica Noruega a Petroecuador"

Mariela Mendez' blog: Compartiendo: Finanzas y Más, 25th November 2010: "Ineficiencias en la renta petrolera ecuatoriana y la propuesta del Yasuní": h3. What to expect next? Publish What You Pay Norway supports programme participants' work in the areas of:

Monitoring and analysing policy developments relevant to transparent and accountable extractive revenue management * Formulating and expressing policy recommendations on extractive sector governance and management issues 

Developing and maintaining strategic relationships with policy-makers, private sector actors, financial institutions and civil society Developing regional priorities and strategies which we will incorporate in our own work and strategic relationships with policy-makers, private sector actors, financial institutions and civil society.

Top-level expertise Publish What You Pay Norway, through the TRACE programme, draws upon the top-level combined expertise of the Norwegian and international oil and gas industry, petroleum law, environmental assessments, indigenous peoples rights, global transparency and accountability regulation mechanisms, resources management, checks and balances, state participation, contracts and licensing, regulatory framework for information sharing and administration that is thought to hold the largest potential for a long term sustainable development together with cutting edge thinking on transparency and accountability.

With us as partners, we have "Petrad", the Norwegian knowledge hub on petroleum, which has trained governments for over 20 years. Petrad is a non-profit Norwegian government foundation established in 1989 to facilitate knowledge and experience transfer about petroleum management, administration and technology between managers and experts in governments and national oil companies.

We also have with us "Norwegian Church Aid":, a Norwegian NGO working in the ACT alliance, one of the five largest alliances worldwide, to coordinate their work. h3. A 1-year programme Publish What You Pay Norway has recently implemented Module 1 (out of a total of 3 modules) in our one year TRACE-programme on transparency and accountability in the extractive industries. Module 1 is implemented in the Norwegian “oil capital” of Stavanger. Publish What You Pay Norway challenges governments, companies owners, investors and capital providers to be more transparent and accountable.