Ofte stilte spørsmål

*Ofte stilte spørsmål om kostnader og andre praktikaliteter rundt TRACE 2013-2014* *Costs:* *_1. What is covered by the hosting organisation?_* • Economy flight tickets from international airport to Oslo and back • Transport from Oslo airport to hotel and back • Hotel • Travel insurance • Three full meals all days + coffee breaks • Internet access at hotel and seminar PWYP Norway will book and arrange the above-mentioned for the participants. Important: We will not provide per diem, or any cash refunds for any additional expenses incurred during travel or stay. We can pay only for what is explicitly listed above. Read more below. *_2. What is the participants’ organisation expected to cover?_* • The visa fee and any costs relating to obtaining the visa to Norway. • Transport to and from the international airport in home country (PWYP Norway covers the flight ticket from the international airport to Oslo. Any internal national transport to get to the international airport in your country must be paid by the organization). • Any per diem, or any additional expenses incurred during travel or stay. We expect that any allowance for small daily incurring costs shall be identified by the participants and organization in advance and be covered by the organization. This may entail phone calls, laundry, farmasy etc. The decision to not provide per diem or refunds of any additional expenses comes from own experience and reports such as Norad’s "Hunting Per Diem":http://www.norad.no/en/tools-and-publications/publications/evaluations/publication?key=390706. We seek motivated organisations and participants willing to invest together with us in competence building, and do not wish to give the wrong incentives to participate in the program. *Eligible participants:* *_1. I am from a government institution, can I apply?_* No. The program is only open for non-governmental civil society such as organizations, journalists and workers unions. *_2. I do not work in one of the six listed countries, can I still apply?_* No. This year's TRACE is limited to participants from the six eligible countries only (South Sudan, Tanzania, Ghana, Mozambique, Uganda and Liberia). It is not possible to expand the list of countries, due to educational reasons and limited resources. Although you are not eligible for this year’s program: if you are interested in our work, please contact us and we can keep in contact for future activities/potential future cooperation. We also encourage you to follow our work and announcements on our web page, newsletter, Facebook and Twitter. *Selection of participants:* *_1. On what grounds are participants selected for the program?_* We will strive to achieve a mix of experience and competence of the issues to be discussed in the group. We aim to have: • 4 participants from each country • Participants from different areas of work • Balance of people from organisations, media and unions • Gender balance We particularly encourage women to apply for the program. An intermediate level of experience and competence of the issues discussed is an asset, but not a requirement. We seek motivated and committed candidates and organisations. The selection is based on a whole set of pre-defined criteria, weighting of variables and considerations, and also with attention to the groups as a whole, including gender balance.