Equity Advocates

Name of representative
Ene Ede (Executive Director/Editor-in-Chief)

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Phone: +2348086187220; +234 8057979660 E-mail: eneede(at)gmail.com; equityaction1997(at)yahoo.com


Since 1997, Equity Advocates has published The Woman Today Newspaper in response to the media gap in gender issues. The organisation exists to give the media muscles to address these issues, and the utimate aim is to establish a women's television and radio station. Equity Advocates trains media partners, women and girls, and shares information with stategic partners. The organisation also contributes to public debate, analysis, paper presentations, research, media programmes and project evaluations.

Organisation contact details:

Address: Suite 103, Gambo Sawaba block, National Centre for Women Development, Better Life Street, Central Business District, Abuja, Nigeria E-mail: equityaction1997(at)yahoo.com; thewomantoday2000(at)yahoo.com

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