General information

Eligible countries

Civil society organisations from resource rich, developing countries may be admitted to the programme. Which countries we accept applications from at any given moment, depends on where we are in the programme cycle and which region we are currently implementing in.

Eligible organisations and participants

The programme is aimed at civil society organisations that have a strong commitment to working for transparency and accountability in the extractive industries in their country. A particular feature of the programme is that we include NGOs, workers’ unions and the media in our target group, allowing for experience sharing across constituencies that rarely come together.

The individual programme participant has to represent and be supported by an organisation that meets the above mentioned criteria, and needs to have mid/advanced knowledge of the extractive industries as well as proven commitment to and experience from relevant advocacy work.

The participant’s affiliation with the supporting organisation is expected to last throughout the programme period. A declaration that must be signed by both the participant and the organisation and submitted with the application, constitutes the basis for the participant’s presence in the programme. The organisation will not be able to replace the participant with another during the programme period.

We strive to put together a gender balanced group of participants, and women are especially encouraged to apply for the programme.