The Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs has reported the Government´s lack of follow-up of the transparency law extended country-by-country reporting.
 Parliament asked for extended country-by-country reporting (ECBCR). The Ministry of Finance sent out a hearing on BEPS.
The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy is receptive to replacing the annual EITI reporting in Norway with other initiatives. Along with the oil sector and civil society they will arrive at a decision in November 2015 on what the road ahead will be for EITI in Norway.
Just before the summer recess started in Norway, the Norwegian Parliament, the Storting, agreed to strengthen country-by-country reporting regulations. To find out how the Norwegian Government plans on following up on this new regulation, Truls Wickholm, (Labour Party), has sent a written question to Siv Jensen, Norway’s Finance Minister.
Publish What You Pay Norway and Oslo and Akershus University College are inviting you to a lunch seminar Wednesday October 7.
Norad's Oil for Development program will hand out new grants to civil society in 12 countries. The deadline for applications is October 1st 2015.
Thursday evening, all the parties in Parliament agreed to strengthen the work on financial transparency. A great victory for transparency, and an important step in the right direction, PWYP Norway says. 
The Minister of Finance wriggles away from the facts in the debate over measures against tax evasion in tax havens