Interpellasjon fra Truls Wickholm (A) til finansministeren om oppfølging av sentrale punkter i skatteforliket, bl.a. om skatterådgiveres taushetsplikt og informasjonsplikt om selskapsstrukturer.
Selskaper bedt om å stå opp for åpenhet om hva de betaler i bytte for naturressurser de får tilgang til.
 - I live a in a "perpetual twilight zone of taking chances,” Lemma Tsedale,  editor of Addis Standard to BBC
 The South African journalist Craig McKune will share his experience of investigating illegal financial transactions.​
 Endangered animals are abducted from zoos in Armenia. Few know where they go.
 Knut Falk Qvigstad (MDG) explains why the weaknesses in OECD´s BEPS-track will allow companies to continue the same practices as they have been doing.
 There are mechanisms against the Panama leak. The Ministry of Finance is scheduling the most important hearing which can give transparency into companies for "summer."
 PWYP Norway invites to an open meeting about EITI in Norway on the 2nd of June. The meeting is organised in relation to the EITI Board Meeting that takes place in Oslo. A key question for PWYP Norway is: What should be the way forward for EITI in Norway?